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Let's play giveaway! Who wants Poser?

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Aug 20, 2010 2:40:43 AM

If there's one thing I've realized in this job, it's that I love to give things away. All of the people who have won Poser and Manga Studio and iPads have been stoked! And happiness is contagious, so I like to be around it as much as possible.

So when we started talking about the Poser 15 year anniversary, we wanted to go big. Trust me, it's gonna be huge. But that's next month. I couldn't wait that long to give something away, so we've decided to start a little early. For the next five weeks, we're having a weekly image contest. Each week will have a different theme, like portraits, and the winner will receive a copy of Poser 8 or Poser Pro 2010.

Each week you can submit an image based on that particular theme for a chance to win. Our stellar web team will pick their favorite -- we're looking for the best use of Poser's strengths. (Hint: lighting is key!) Here are the categories for each week, so you can get started.

8/23-8/29: Best Woman in a Temple with a Sword or Fairy Image
8/30-9/5: Best “Faces of Poser” Portrait/Headshot Image
9/6-9/12: Most Unique Poser Image
9/13-9/19: Best Self-Portrait Image
9/20-9/26: Best representation of the 15 years of Poser

Here's the legal mumbo jumbo: You can enter one or all of the themes. Images should be made with Poser. Enter using the Image Submission Form, but you MUST note that you are entering the blog contest of the week in the Additional Credit, Figures or
Content Shown

Images must match the theme for the week that they are entered and be received during the submission period and by the end of Sunday Pacific time. You cannot submit images in advance for future weeks in the contest. (Sorry about the boring stuff, but it's gotta be in here somewhere!)

The winner of the week will be featured along with their image the next week in the blog and will also receive a copy of Poser Pro 2010 or Poser 8. It'll be really cool to get a closer look both at images made with Poser and the artists who create them. I'm really excited!

The coolest part is that the best is yet to come. Our anniversary prizes are making me super jealous of whoever wins. But that comes later ;) Let the image creation, giveaways, and happiness begin!

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