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Show Poser 8 some love

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Aug 25, 2010 2:40:53 AM

vote for poserI've never been a huge reality TV fan, but I will admit (with a minimal amount of shame) that I voted for a particular American Idol. She was so awesome and entertaining that I felt she earned my vote.

Poser 8 may not sing pop songs in different outfits in front of a panel of celebrity judges, but the cool thing is that it could! So if you think Poser 8's earned it, show us some love and vote in the MacUser Awards! (And don't be intimidated by all the personal info the site asks for; you don't have to fill it out to submit your ballot.)

All of us here at Smith Micro say thanks in advance! Without all of its users, Poser would have never made it on the ballot to begin with.

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