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Content Paradise: Manga Studio's sidekick

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Sep 1, 2010 2:45:48 AM

Sometimes I like to play the game What's for Dinner? The rules are simple: Make dinner without going to the grocery store. It encourages me to be creative and use what I have. And imagine my delight when all the items I have make an incredible meal!

When PJ Holden and a few other people on Twitter said they would love a central place for artists to access the Manga Studio brushes and templates they had created, I wondered Is there anything we already have that could do this? Eureka! Content Paradise.

Say you just made your own brush with Manga Studio, like perhaps the Kirby Crackle effect that PJ Holden explains in his latest blog tutorial.

brush tutorialAnd you want to give this to anyone who uses Manga Studio. You can set yourself up as a seller in Content Paradise, upload your brush (or template) and make the price free. Make sure you include "Manga Studio" in your keywords!

You can send links to your brushes or templates, and then anyone else who searches CP for Manga Studio will have access to them! Easy as pie. (Mmm...pie. I wonder if I could make that with just the ingredients in my kitchen.)

If you have any questions, our support team there rocks! (They bring in muffins and cookies on the regular.) It's a really great resource for artists, it's free, and I hope that Manga Studio users will check it out.

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