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Awww ... Anime Studio is so adorable

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Sep 2, 2010 2:31:39 AM

One of our designers is coming back this week after having a baby. It's pretty exciting for all of us, partly because we miss her (and the work she does) but also because she has the cutest little addition to her family!

Seriously, kids are frickin' adorable. If you need any evidence, just look at this cute animation done with Anime Studio.

Not all of our software is kid-friendly, but Anime Studio is certainly one of the exceptions. There were 8-year-olds at Comic-Con picking it up with no problem. And it's about the price of a video game. Bonus!

We're hoping we can rope our designer's kid in early. He's coming to visit tomorrow for her first day. She does amazing work, why wouldn't he? Welcome back Leanne. We missed you!

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