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Create your anime vision and win Anime Studio!

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Sep 9, 2010 2:52:48 AM

Before I started this job, I think the only anime I had ever seen was Princess Mononoke (which is pretty awesome even if anime isn't your thing). I really had no idea how huge it was.

According to the The Japan Times, 60 member anime production companies now provide products in 112 countries, reaching some 87.2 percent of the world's population. Wowza, that's insane!

So I'm really excited that we're sponsoring a contest with Advanced Anime. The theme is "The Creation of Anime."

Considering how many styles there are and people love anime, I think the entries will be really unique. One person already posted this as inspiration:

The rules and entry are here. The contest runs from now through October 6, and the winners will be receiving copies of Anime Studio Pro or Debut. Good luck and have fun!

Oh! And anyone with suggestions for awesome anime I need to watch, please speak up :)

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