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Celebrate summer's end with free animals from CP

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Sep 13, 2010 2:34:08 AM

Last January was the first time I have ever touched a starfish. These things are unreal! They can regenerate missing arms and such; some of them can regenerate entire bodies from arms. Apparently they also use seawater instead of blood to push nutrients through their bodies. Can you even call that cold blooded? Sea blooded?

Digital starfish from Content Paradise can do that and more (whatever you want them to do really). And today is the last day you can get it and other digital animals for free.

starfish freeThat's right. *sigh* Summer is nearing an end and with it, so are the summer animal freebies from Content Paradise. But you still have until midnight tonight to get the starfish, stickbug, stingray and other animals for free!

So if you can't play in a tide pool today, at least you can download a starfish and make your own virtual tide pools during any season.
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