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Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Sep 29, 2010 2:45:37 AM

It's been a heatwave here for the last week or so. California definitely has a reputation for being hot, but not generally along the coast. This week has been one of sun dresses and summer treats. One of my coworkers brought in drumsticks, ice cream sandwiches and Popsicles. I love my job.

There's nothing quite like cool drinks and treats to cool you off in the heat. They keep you from getting too lethargic and lackadaisical. If you find yourself getting that way with your creations in Anime Studio or Manga Studio, you can always get the .obj version of a cool treat.

Content Paradise has 3D objects you can import into your animations and comic art. It's a great shortcut for props. Check out this seller's wares, which include cookies, cake and one of my favorites, grilled cheese!

You can also read this tutorial about importing .obj files into Anime Studio. And if you're using Manga Studio, you can watch this tutorial. When it's hot, it always pays to work smarter, not harder! At the very least, you have more energy to run after the ice cream truck.

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Topics: Moho (Anime Studio), Poser, CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Manga Studio)

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