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It's only fair: Manga Studio comic contest!

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Sep 30, 2010 2:21:31 AM

UPDATE! The contest has been extended until October 17!!

All my life I've been hearing the phrase Life isn't fair. And while I know that for the most part it may be true, I'd like to think in my little world I try hard to keep things balanced.

It occurred to me that Poser has been getting a lot of attention, with the image contest and the anniversary contest. (You only turn 15 once.) And Anime Studio has a contest with Advanced Anime as well. What about Manga Studio?

So I decided to go out on a limb and ask The Boss if I could mail some posters anywhere in the world. Not just any posters, signed Dave Gibbons posters from SDCC 2010. And guess what? He said yes!

So here's the contest: Create a comic for me about our newest version of StuffIt Deluxe based on my stellar sketch. (Try not to be jealous of my artistic abilities. It's tough being this talented.) It doesn't have to be an exact copy; you have artistic license.

Here are the rules. Submit your comic between now and October 17 at midnight Pacific time. Put the words "StuffIt Sketch Contest" somewhere in the Additional Credit field. Use Manga Studio for your work. (You can use other software in addition, but please, in moderation!) Our brilliant team will be judging your comics based on effort, creativity (within the bounds of the sketch), and neatness.

There will be 10 winners in all, and I'm super excited to be able to mail overseas, so make my groveling worth it and submit your entry! (I have a world map in my cube and it would be great to use it for something besides day dreaming my next world adventure!)

Curious about our other contests and promotions? Check out our event calendar with the latest info!

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