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Party time! Excellent!

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Oct 6, 2010 2:37:39 AM

Parties are fun. But planning parties can be exhausting. (Ask any bride.) For the past month or so, my coworkers Gabby and Maria have been slaving away to create the ultimate Smith Micro annual party.

They spent afternoons shopping for just the right prizes, tasting fried chicken and potato salad recipes, and testing karoke machines. It was pretty torturous, but being great employees, they wanted to do the best job possible.

Their hard work paid off. Our office spent last Thursday afternoon picnicking, playing games and singing karoke instead of marketing and coding software. We needed the break!

Unfortunately The Boss wouldn't sing karoke, but he did give a nice speech. I guess it could've been worse; he could've sang Don McLean's American Pie and cleared the room.

Check out the fruits of Gabby and Maria's labor by perusing the Smith Micro Productivity and Graphics photo album. Everyone had such a good time. Thanks Gabby and Maria! We know you worked hard to make it awesome; tasting cupcakes takes a lot of effort ;)

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