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Easy answers in Anime Studio

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Oct 11, 2010 2:31:01 AM

I'm not a big fan of hard questions. When someone starts out a sentence with, "I need your opinion, and be honest..." I know I'm in trouble.

But there are other questions that aren't so bad, like the one the other day I saw from the Question Jar: "How do you make your own cartoon character, and then make an animation with it?"

Jon from Middle Distance Productions helps me answer that one:

If you haven't checked out Jon's other animations and user story, I suggest you do so. He's a pretty funny guy. A word of caution though: The animations on his YouTube channel may be a little bit more risque than the Super-Reality: Sheep! Episode we profile. Thanks for your help Jon, and for your funny animations!

If you have a question about our software, the blog, the weather or anything else, you can submit it to the Question Jar. If you leave your email and I answer your question on the blog, you'll recieve $10 from Content Paradise.

So ask away! But remember, if you're asking about what I think about the haircut your 4-year-old nephew gave you, I'll probably suggest you head to the stylist.

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