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Anime Studio: Better than video games

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Oct 21, 2010 2:55:28 AM

Last night I heard someone talking about planning their holiday party at the grocery store. While checking out, someone ahead of me was buying fresh cranberries. Is it really that time again? Holidays are here, and with it comes the question: What the heck do I get for my nephews?

I know a lot of kids are into video games. And they seem pretty reasonably priced. But I'm not that into getting them, because I'm not sure I like what they do to kids brains.

My solution? Anime Studio Debut. Here are 3 reasons Anime Studio is better than video games. (I'll try to stay off my soapbox here.)

1. Increased cuteness factor: It's a lot easier to stay calm when your kids are making something and not listening to you than when they're staring at the TV and not listening to you. Kids say the funniest stuff, and when you give them a tool to create, they can be even more ridiculous. It may just keep you a little more sane!

2. More bang for your buck: We all know kids are vastly more intuitive than adults when it comes to technology. A child could beat Super Mario Brothers on his first try, while I'm still figuring out how to warp to the final level. Once the video game is won, there's not much reason to play it again. Anime Studio costs about the same as a video game, and children can create endless animations.

3. Possible retirement plan: There's nothing wrong with hoping your child is successful and makes loads of money. Perhaps then they will buy you memberships to swanky spas and a personal chef. With Anime Studio, children can unlock their inner animator and become the next Pixar-type genius. We all know there's money in film; it's a much safer bet than most 401ks right now. I'm fairly certain playing Grand Theft Auto isn't going to make your child stacks of cash unless they go into a life of crime.

So get Anime Studio Debut for your kids (or your cousins, yourself, or anyone around 8 years or older). You can always try it out for a month before you buy. It's a solid investment for hours of entertainment and creativity.

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