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Poser love, rewarded (Part II)

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Oct 26, 2010 6:18:03 AM

I've always been a fan of the underdog, which is probably why I'm so stoked the Yankees aren't in the World Series this year. (Go Giants!) So while I was pretty jazzed that PJ's essay won our Poser essay contest, I couldn't wait to post the second and third place winners. Without further ado, here they are!

Andolaurina is our 2nd place winner, who is an avid seller on Content Paradise and an excellent writer:

Once upon a canvas dreary, while I painted, weak and weary,
Eagerly I wished for more talent; and vainly searching for a tool to help me more.
While I nodded, nearly asleep, suddenly there came a familiar beep,
As if a persistent tolling, tolling from my computer's dark deep.
"'Tis some email," I muttered, "alerting and beeping as before —
Only this, and nothing more."
Presently my hope grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
I opened Outlook - to read this entreaty and delete it.
But the fact is I was reading, and so indeed it was what I was needing:
An artist software program that would be delivered to my door,
A 3D canvas and so much more.
Open here! I flung open the Poser package, when, with many a box and wrapping,
I saw the most wondrous artistic tool, an improvement over the days of yore;
To add your figures and content, pose and render them - easily delete and restore;
Lights and materials; Hair and cloth, draping effortlessly across the floor —
No more mistakes on a canvas, no more awkward perspective —
Beautiful renders - for all to adore!
And my Poser, never failing, still is sitting, still is sitting
On my desktop, used quite daily, as I ever learning enjoy it more;
And its 3D toolset has all the trappings, to make any artist stand up clapping.
And my soul rejoices from out that email came a better way to create so much more:
Only Poser - forever more!

And our 3rd place winner is Phillip Millar, who is also a poet:

Version One appeared to me
Upon a magazine
With care I placed the shiny disc
Into my beige machine
I marveled at the interface
So elegant and clean
Here was something wonderful
The like I'd never seen.
Basic little figures
The ability to pose
A modest set of little props
A modest set of clothes
It was the start of something
An obsession I suppose
What else can you call it
When you feel your Runtime grow.
And now there's 8 and even Pro
Potential realized
Imagery fantastic
The only limit, sky.
I flirt with animation
And watch the renders fly
Each version brings a little more
excitement and surprise.
Every day I'm grateful
for my fortunate exposure
to a world of visions brought to life
Through the magic that is Poser.
(When I want to speak of love
An 'essay' seems a crime
Words of love are best expressed
More simply through a rhyme.)

Congrats to Andolaurina and Phillip as well as the other "underdogs" who took home prizes! Thanks again to all those who entered! We're enjoying your Poser love and well-wishes (while we watch the World Series)!

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