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Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Oct 27, 2010 2:56:58 AM

Before I started this job, I had no idea how many different comic conventions there were around the world. It has been a dream of mine for years to go to SDCC, but I never knew how many other conventions I could go to! Hello, dream job?

It just so happens that next weekend NekoCon is going down in Virgina. And Deanna Echanique will be doing a panel on Manga Studio basics! She'll also be giving away Manga Studio EX and Debut. You can find out more about Deanna (she suggests learning MS while sober) in her user story. She's pretty entertaining to talk to.

If you're interested in attending, her panel is on Saturday, November 6 at 4:30pm. I'd definitely be there weren't a continent in between us! (Better put that in the budget for next year!) It should be pretty awesome.

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