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Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Nov 18, 2010 1:23:34 AM

With the holidays fast approaching, people are discussing the benefits and drawbacks of different types of travel. While I'm not a fan of long security lines, my worst fear in traveling on a plane has always been losing my luggage.

After seeing this music video by Mike Scott for Goldfish, I found myself cheering for the luggage to stay lost. (It's probably because it appeals to my wild imagination and my hopelessly romantic side.) You might want to watch the video a few times; it helps that the song is so catchy too!

Mike Scott has been using Anime Studio since about 2005. He's made several videos for Goldfish and also plenty of his own fun animations.

Mike's got a knack for describing food, which means we had a good chat. When I asked what he would eat if there were no conseqences his response made me want to head straight to the grocery store.

"That'd probably be cheese. Or cranberry juice. Or tea. Or or or! Melted cheese on bruschetta with what's that stuff called? ... with basil and what's that stuff called? I can't remember the name... oh right basil pesto. And some tomato. And salt and pepper. That probably, it tastes nice."

In addition to all his killer animations and delectable food descriptions, Mike plays the drums and does illustration work. You can see more of his animations and read all about him in his artist profile. His art will definitely brighten your day (and maybe change your mind about air travel).

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