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Gratitude makes way for giving: The giftbasket grows!

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Dec 2, 2010 4:42:38 AM

November has come and gone (Geez, where did it go?) and with it, our theme of gratitude. That's not to say that we aren't grateful the rest of the year--no sir! As promised, we're sending all the people who submitted to the theme a little something: an ImagineFX calendar so they can see our gratitude all year long.

We had a great time with our art project too. There was music, someone made pumpkin cupcakes (soooo delicious), and we had more magazines and glue sticks than you could shake a stick at. Here is our creation:

You can check out all of the images (and an animation too!) that were submitted at our Smith Micro Productivity and Grapics Facebook page.

This month, we'll be focusing on giving as our theme. We already kicked it off with our giftbasket giveaway. And I'm proud to say that we added another prize to an already unbelievable package: A Wacom Intuos4 tablet! Check out the full prize list here.

So what does giving mean to you? We'd love to know. Comment or submit your art. And while you're at it, answer our quiz questions to have a chance at our increasingly awesome giftbasket!

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