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Learn to teleport (your files) with StuffIt

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Dec 13, 2010 1:43:25 AM

After a quick trip overseas for the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm beginning to rethink what my superpower would be. Maybe being able to teleport is better than being able to breathe underwater. After all, I'd still have to swim the Atlantic if I wanted to travel.

This got me thinking more about how great our new StuffIt Deluxe 2011 for Mac is, what with its super-easy file-sending ways. Check out one of the latest video tutorials, which explains how to use StuffIt to send ginormous files with SendStuffNow:

The latest review on TechRadar says this about StuffIt: "The main benefit is certainly the extra workflow options. If you use large files a lot and send them to different places, then Stuffit may just well be indispensable. At about £30, it's a steal too."

You can see more tutorials at our YouTube channel and at Ahhh if only traveling was more like StuffIt. It's like teleporting for your files, and there aren't any fees for overweight luggage.

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