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Miki brings up a good question

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Dec 14, 2010 5:03:04 AM

Even with all the calendars and reminders I set up for myself, I've never been accused of being too organized. It just dawned on me the other day that it had been months since I had answered a Question Jar question on the blog!

When I checked it, I thought this was most appropriate, what with Miki 3 just being released:

I own Poser Pro 2010. I see a lot of content I would like for the character Miki. This isn't in my program anywhere, and I can't find the figure in Content Paradise. Where do you find the digital figures for Poser?

I talked to Mr. Steve Cooper, the product manager for Poser, and he gave me the lowdown. "Try out the search tab in the Poser Pro 2010 library. There’s a toggle to search on Content Paradise, and if he enters “Miki” into the search field, he’ll see a bunch of content items for her, including the figure."

I used this rare occasion to fire up Poser Pro 2010 and show off my incredible skill of following the directions. (My kindergarten teacher would be so proud.) Cooper was right on the money, and it only took me a second. Miki 3 has loads of new content being added at CP.

And if you have a question, ask the Question Jar. If you include your email and I answer your question, we'll hook you up with $15 at Content Paradise! And it's on my calendar now, so I'll remember to give the coupon away now ;)

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