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Your questions: Our resolutions!

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jan 5, 2011 1:38:29 AM

One tip I've heard to making your New Year's Resolutions stick is to make them easy to quantify. Read: "I will do 15 situps a day and eat only one cupcake a week," as opposed to "I will have ripped abs and eat a more healthful diet."

In that spirit, I have planned to answer at least one Question Jar a month on the blog. Here's this month's:

Will Manga Studio change the Hand tool to act more like Photoshop’s? So the tool becomes temporary once you let go of the button and goes back to the previous tool instantly. This will allow users to not have to constantly switch back and forth every single time?

You can check out loads of Mario's tutorials on Manga Studio basics on his website. He's a great resource. I spoke to our product manager about your question as well, and here's what Sarina had to say:

You can use the hand tool in Manga Studio the same way you use it in Photoshop. For example, let’s say you’re using the Pen tool (key command ‘P’). You can hold down the spacebar in Manga Studio with the pen tool active, and the hand tool will temporarily appear, allowing you to move the canvas around.

As soon as you release the spacebar, the Pen tool will become active again. Instead of holding down the spacebar on your keyboard, you could also program one of the keys on your Cintiq to act as the spacebar. You can go into your Wacom tablet control settings to set that up.

Some users also like to program the button on the pen to act as the spacebar, allowing them to quickly switch back and forth between their currently selected tool (pen, brush etc.) and the hand tool.

Another useful tip: If you roll your cursor over each tool in the Tools palette, you will see a letter next to the tool. For example, you can switch to the pen tool by hitting the ‘P’ letter on your keyboard, or select the Fill tool by clicking on the letter ‘G’ on your keyboard.

Thanks Sarina! And if anyone has a question, you can submit it anonymously or with your email and I'll either get back to you or feature it on the blog. If your question is featured, you'll get $15 at Content Paradise.

So help me keep my resolution and ask some questions! This one is waaaay easier than the cupcake one ;)

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