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Color makes comics more fun

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jan 6, 2011 4:19:40 AM

In this, the first week of 2011 and Clean up Your Computer month, I found a super-surprise in my email. I had interviewed an insanely talented artist and then my computer ate all of my notes. Or so I thought.

Frank M. Hansen does a lot of his work in Manga Studio (at least for the past few years that he's been using it). His work caught my eye because, in my opinion, it's awesome. But it made me raise my eyebrows when he told me he did his color in MS.

One of the things artist find difficult with MS is working the color tools, and Frank was no exception. He told me what changed his mind.

"I had to do a full color rough sketch for a group of artists in a few hours and I basically attacked it like I would as if I was working on paper and it really kept up with me, enhanced my idea and I was able to use the variety and vibrant brushes really well and fast to pump out a color comp fast."

You can check out more of Frank's insight about Manga Studio, his process and his art at his artist profile. His work is solid, and I'm stoked my computer didn't eat his interview!

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