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Enter the third dimension with TrueKat Show

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jan 10, 2011 2:38:45 AM

A year ago at CES, 3D televisions were the rage. Recently George Lukas announced that the Star Wars saga will be released in 3D, and I'm pretty sure that every movie preview I've seen in the past month is available in 3D.

If you're into entertainment in the third dimension (for the screen, that is), TrueKat Show has just released its latest update and product manager Adam Kaufman says it's pretty rad.

"TrueKat has made some great advances with its latest rev. Probably the most important update is themes. Themes finally give you really fun 3D objects embedded in your personal slide show. There are six to choose from with more being added all the time."

My favorite is the snow theme. It's pretty and white just like a gorgeous snowfall, but without the cold wet misery that generally accompanies a blizzard.

"Another great update is projects: You can save your unfinished slideshows into different projects for completion later," Adam told me. "Along with a handful of other compelling objects, TrueKat Show has delivered some cool things in its latest update."

At only $29.99, it's pretty affordable to make some awesome 3D slide shows and impress your friends. (Or just make fun of them when they put on their silly glasses to watch it!) You can learn more here.

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