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More tutorial magic for Manga Studio

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jan 13, 2011 4:20:55 AM

I've always said that everyone should work as a waitress (or in customer service in general) for at least a summer. It teaches at least as many lessons as you can learn in a summer school class and you meet some cool folks.

One lesson I took away from it was that asking for help is a skill. And not everyone is good at everything: I can make a mean cappuccino but you wouldn't wanna sip my martinis...shaken or stirred.

Earlier this year I noticed people kept looking for a good tutorial for perspective rulers in Manga Studio. I asked Eric Merced to put together a lesson, and he came through in golden fashion.

Just recently, Eric put together a tutorial about how to rotate the horizon line ruler in Manga Studio EX.

Asking for help definitely has its benefits: Several people also have requested a central location to post tutorials and brushes and such, and as I told Eric: Upload it to our new Manga Studio deviantART group. It's got space for all of those things!

Thanks to Eric and all the great artists and teachers! We would love to see your tutorials in our new group. Feel free to upload them or post your links in the comments here :)

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