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Anime Studio takes on Roman mythology

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jan 14, 2011 1:03:08 AM

Although Valentines Day is still a month away, I like to think that love is all around us every day. And while I think cupid might be a happy-go-lucky guy in a diaper, Fernando Leal has another interpretation.

Fernando's interpretation started as a short story he wrote, but when Deep River Running approached him to create this music video, he knew that this was where his story would be told. And he used Anime Studio to create it.

You can read more about Fernando's interpretation of cupid's "mischief" and his work with Anime Studio in his artist profile. Perhaps cupid did have a sinister side (some love does, after all), but I stand by the silly diaper-wearing, arrow-slinging boy theory for now.

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