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Create your own sunshine with Poser

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jan 18, 2011 1:16:16 AM

It's been unseasonably warm here, which means shorts, flip flops and motorcycle rides in January. The sunshine is bright and warm, which for this fair-skinned gal means freckles! Or as I like to call them: nature's makeup.

This illustration, called Freckle Test, was made with Poser, 3ds Max & Photoshop by SaphireNishi. (Be warned, some of her stuff is rated R, so enjoy this piece and skip the rest if that's not your scene.) Her photorealistic 3D art is, well, really realistic.

Poser can make winter look like summer, Earth look like Mars, an ordinary woman look like a goddess and an everyday guy look like a superhero. So even if it's not sunny and warm where you are, you can pretend with Poser ;)

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