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TrueKat Show - Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Feb 11, 2011 7:13:47 AM

Canned email holiday greetings were fun for a while but really are not much more creative than that dinosaur, the paper greeting card. Want to impress your significant other for Valentine’s Day with something truly unique and creative? How about your own Valentine music video production featuring you, him, her, the dog, whatever? If you have a few pictures you like and a music track you think says something you want to say, why not drop them into TrueKat Show’s new Valentine theme for a really cool way to say it? Buy TrueKat Show for only $29.99 from the Smith Micro store and get started.

TrueKat Show’s newest themes include one just for this holiday that’s right around the corner. Is there time? Yes! You can have the app running on your PC in minutes and have your creation ready to go a few more minutes after that. Export and save in the video format of your choice or even post to YouTube and send the link in Facebook or however you like. They’ll think you spent hours and hours making this beautiful little gem of a greeting. They’ve never had a Valentine quite like this before.

What’s even more unique about video you create is that it can be in 3D, just like Avatar! Well, not quite. It won’t convert your 2D pictures but the finished product, including the cool Valentine’s theme, will be viewable in stereo 3D when you get your first 3D TV or monitor. Considering you can use TrueKat Show to create cool music videos like this for all your holidays, pets, vacations, birthdays, graduations, etc, starting now for Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. Buy TrueKat Show for only $29.99 from the Smith Micro store today.

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