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Manga Studio Tutorials & Resources at deviantART

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Feb 16, 2011 2:22:36 AM

Did you know that there is more than really awesome Manga Studio examples at deviantART? There are tons of tutorials and lots of resources for download too!

Below is a video of artist S-Morishita talking about using Manga Studio EX for inking:

There is also lots of Manga Studio artists creating and sharing patterns and screentones on deviantART. deviantART user bakenekogirl offers both screentones for download like the pack below, but also offers some animated gif training resources.

Patterns MangaStudio pack 2 by *bakenekogirl on deviantART

To answer a recent question in the question jar, deviantART is also home to the artist who created the Manga Studio box art. You can find Stanley Lau on deviantART as user ArtGerm.

Are you a deviantART user? Don't forget to check out the Manga-Studio-Artist group.

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