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Support for 3rd party character systems in Poser

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Aug 11, 2011 1:46:33 AM

After close to two decades of time spent developing Poser, we’re adept at spotting interesting ideas that could improve the product and improve the experience of using Poser for all our customers. We love the idea of improving how content performs in Poser, and when possible, implement innovations that can help us achieve that goal. Better bending figures through rigging improvements is a prime example, and the time is absolutely right for a new rigging system to be rolled into the product. We’re very happy to see the reaction to our new Vertex Weight Map Rigging System and the suite of Weight Map rigging tools in Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012. We are confident that this new system is going to transform the process of creating new figures for Poser, making it easier to rig, while producing figures that bend much more realistically.

When we develop Poser, we carefully look at each feature opportunity to see if it truly represents an innovation, or is merely an interesting bullet point in a list; we try to focus on the big ideas as much as possible, but even the small things like our Context Menus and Grouping Objects really make a difference once we see them adopted by users as they create with Poser.

Many ideas, even some of the interesting ones, come with a consequence, and sometimes those consequences are too dear to accept. This is the case with fully adopting the new Genesis system from Daz. There are some good features in their new system, and those that make sense to us, are supported in a way that would benefit not just Daz, but the whole ecosystem of content developers. Those that do not fit within our strategy of an open system, free from dependencies on technologies that are beyond our control, aren’t in synch with our long term goals for growing Poser. Directly supporting the Genesis system does not meet those needs. However, doing our best to support the features that Genesis can provide to all Poser users is clearly beneficial.

We’ve worked closely with Daz, and continue to do so, to confirm that our implementation of Vertex Weight Maps would support their needs, while fully supporting the needs of other developers across the board. And early tests of content from Daz shows us that indeed our new rigging system does a great job of supporting Daz’s ability to deploy new Weight Mapped and Full Body Morphed content to Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 users. However, it is up to any and all developers of character content to determine if providing content to Poser users is the right choice for them. And the best we can do is to create a solid, open foundation to deploy those characters and supporting content for them.

Poser’s new Vertex Weight Mapping System has been in our plans for a long time. Now is the right time to include that in Poser. Down the road, there may be other features that make sense to Poser users for us to explore and implement. We will keep an open eye for those, and watch carefully to see if content from any of the talented developers in the Poser ecosystem warrants deeper support. Ultimately, our users will drive that, as they define what they truly find interesting, and truly need. We will keep our conversations open, with all our partners going forward, so we can deliver a set of features that is beneficial to you, to the market, and to Poser the product.

We’ll pay close attention to how you’re using Poser, and we’ll look for the new features that will best fill your needs. We’ll do whatever we can to provide support for better characters. We are truly committed to that. Our new rigging system and the powerful suite of Vertex Weight Map Creation Tools we’re unveiling are direct examples of that commitment. Along with an expansion of the well supported, well documented Poser content formats which encourage creativity and enable easy editing; this complete package of features will open up Vertex Weight Map support throughout our user base. We’ll continue to develop tools that our users can gain full access to, that are well documented and delivered in a fully supported application that runs on any 32 or 64 bit Mac or Windows system on the shelf today. This has been our formula for success for 16 years. We will continue to lead, to keep innovating, and to keep delivering those technologies to all Poser users.

Steve Cooper, Product Manager for Poser

Learn more about Vertex Weight Map Rigging and Creation Tools in Poser 9 and Poser 2012. Join the discussion at the official Runtime DNA Poser 9/Pro 2012 Forums.

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