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Adam Proctor - Anime Studio Artist

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Aug 18, 2011 5:35:35 AM

Adam Proctor talked to us a while back about his 'Second Language' animation made in Anime Studio.

Second Language from Adam Proctor on Vimeo.

The first major project I undertook was a short film for my local education authority. I made 'Second Language' (above) by modeling characters in Anime Studio based on the real children I interviewed.
The basic backgrounds were made in Photoshop, but everything else was done in Anime Studio. The ability to create and animate distinct, multi-layered characters and then import them into the master scene was far more than I expected from a budget-priced piece of software. Now I'm working as a freelance animator and filmmaker, I use Anime Studio chiefly for character animation. I tend to create my backgrounds in Photoshop and assemble the lot in After Effects.

Adam Proctor's Website:
Adam Proctor's Portfolio:

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