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Blackhearted’s New Girl Next Door: Anastasia for Poser's Alyson 2

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 12, 2012 4:28:41 PM

Image by Steve Cooper

Gabriel “Blackhearted” Creed is one of the best 3D content creators for Poser. His Anastasia character is based on Alyson 2 and is an extension of the GND (Girl Next Door) franchise. Anastasia was Blackhearted’s first weight mapped figure. Alyson 2 is a base figure included with Poser and Poser Pro from version 9 onward so you probably already have her. Of course, if you haven’t yet upgraded your copy of Poser, you may just want to consider that move, for Anastasia’s sake.

Image by Retrodevil

One of the keys to any figure’s success in the Poser realm is supporting content, primarily hair and clothing. Anastasia is off to a great start with many practical and fantasy clothing items, plus reworks of hair to provide a perfect fit. Wardrobe Wizard, included with Poser and Poser Pro, supports clothing rig transfers and refits with an inexpensive support file from PhilC, the creator of Wardrobe Wizard.

Anastasia is currently available at Renderosity; their store also recommends a selection of items that other users have added when picking up Anastasia. There are currently a number of pose sets, facial expressions, alternative variants of characters based on Anastasia, and of course, clothing and hair to fit the character.

Image by Nightsong

Reaction within the Poser community to Anastasia has been infectious, as not only have many users added Anastasia to their runtimes, but the project has proven just how much better bending Poser’s new weight map system can provide. Plus, the character creation tools found in Poser Pro have been empowering community teams to create weight map rigged characters with an enthusiasm that we haven’t seen in a mighty long time.

Personal creativity has hit an all-time high in the Poser eco-system, and we’re certain that Anastasia is the face that launched these thousand ships.

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