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3D Made Even Easier: Three new free Poser 101 video tutorials

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on May 9, 2012 4:54:14 AM

The first set of Poser 101 training videos we posted in our blog went over so well, we’ve worked out a deal with Charles at Nerd3D to produce more of these. There’s something really comforting in Charles’ voice as he walks you through the buttons and dials and unravels the mystery of Poser features. The next three Poser basics videos cover a few areas that new users (and even a few old-timers) are always getting confused by.

In “Pose and Editing Tools 101”, Charles takes a tour through the various tools you’ll need to move body parts and full characters on the 3D stage. These tools are actually really simple to master, and are hands down (pun intended) one the first steps in getting Poser to open up for you. They’re great to understand so you can create your own 3D character poses and start creating cool 3D scenes.

It’s pretty obvious what “Poser Cameras 101” is about. If you guessed “Cameras” then you’re already well on your way to getting how these videos work. This short video talks about the kinds of cameras you can use in Poser, and how they are moved around in your scene. Ultimately, Poser Cameras are what you’ll use to take pictures or video of your scenes and characters.

Charles sheds a little light on your Poser scenes in “Poser Lighting 101”. He covers how Poser’s lights work, the types of lights you’ll use and how to get great results adding them into scenes. They are easy to control, and this video helps you make sense of which type to use, and when.

Trust me; if you watch these three, two-minute long videos, Poser is going to make a lot more sense to you. The layout can be intimidating at first. Admittedly, there are a lot of buttons in the interface, but by breaking it down into small, easy to digest chunks like Charles does, you’ll be a Poser expert in no time.

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