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Top 9 Unique Comic Con Costumes

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jun 13, 2012 3:12:05 AM

Smith Micro is counting down the days to Silicon Valley Comic Con! So, in preparation of the show's quickly approaching date, we thought we'd take a look back at some of our favorite Comic Con costumes, we've had the ummmm...pleasure of seeing throughout the years. 

Here are the top 9 most laughable, I mean memorable, Comic Con costumes: 

1. The Mis-Match
Just because you don’t look like your favorite character, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like them! 

(Image Source)

2. Zombie-ANYTHING
Zombies are the hottest thing in popculture. So why not dress up as your favorite character, and zombify it? With a good limp you’ll be the talk of the con.

(Image Source)

3. The Obscure
Sure there will be fifty Princess Leias at any Comic Con, but only one (or a few) Tank Girls. What is a Tank Girl you ask? Well...we don't really know either.

(Image Source)

4. The Gimmick
Sometimes, among all the super heroes and zombies, you need something that will really set you apart. Wearing a fish bowl helmet or carrying around your pet Boa Constrictor, while mostly impractical, will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. 

(Image Source)

5. The Sexy
These types of custumes are a bit more regulated at Silicon Valley Comic Con, but are quite popular at others. If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?! 

(Image Source)

6. The Tandem
Two heads are better than one! 

(Image Source)

7. The Effortless
Is bad attention better than no attention at all? At least this was cheap and easy to make!

(Image Source)

8. The Brony
Unleash your inner-brony with a colorful wig or tail accessory reppin' you're favorite My Little Pony character. 

(Image Source)

9. The Ultra-Realistic
If you’ve got the skills, why not?! Although, this is quite scary, that might be a little TOO realistic!

(Image Source)

Whatever you choose to wear to Silicon Valley Comic Con be sure to stop by Smith Micro’s booth (#947)! Swing by for product demos and maybe even a T-shirt. We hope to see you there! 

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