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Diego's Laundry List of Inspiration

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Oct 4, 2012 3:33:45 AM

Made in Manga Studio by Sebastián Píriz

Last month, I interviewed Diego Nargoli, Senior Graphic Designer here at Smith Micro Graphics, on where he gets his inspiration from. Diego was more than accommodating to give his viewpoints. He gave me so much information, that I couldn't fit it all into one blog post!

Diego had mentioned a list of where he gets his inspiration from. I've decided to publish this list as his official "laundry list" of inspiration, and how to improve your own.

How do you stay inspired?

  • Keep your eyes open
  • Love what you do
  • Listen to lots of different music
  • Dress up in costumes sometimes
  • Google images
  • Go to thrift stores
  • Make music
  • Don't be lazy
  • Play with others
  • Connect with other creative people
  • Collaborate
  • Travel
  • Research
  • Sketch
  • Write
  • Take photos
  • Take risks
  • Experience as much as possible
  • Don't die

Personally, I found the last one to be the most practical piece of advice.

You can find some of Diego's latest work with Smith Micro Graphics at Content Paradise, an online bazaar for Poser and Anime Studio.

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