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Manga Studio 5 Is Perfect for Comic Illustration

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on May 6, 2013 5:43:40 AM

Adobe Photoshop is used in many industries, but it can be expensive and it's primarily designed as a photo editing tool. Photoshop doesn't have the tools and features that are ideal for comic illustration, but Manga Studio 5 does.

10 Advantages Manga Studio 5 has over Photoshop:

1. Preset pen sizes that behave like real Japanese manga pens. (In Photoshop you have to set the sizes yourself and they are not specifically designed for inking and coloring.)

2. Support for pen tablets, ie Wacom, and high-quality pressure sensitivity that really mimics drawing on paper.

3. Huge variety of screen tone patterns from basic dot tones to fancy backgrounds and effects. (In Photoshop, you'd have to make/draw tones yourself.)

4. A panel tool designed specifically for comic creation. You can also make a panel extend past the bleed point as well as set the panel border thickness for emphasis to certain scenes.

5. Perspective rulers - you don't have to draw your own perspective lines like in Photoshop.

6. Premade word balloons in all kinds of styles and fully customizable.

7. Tons of included content that will speed up your comic creation process.

8. Import a variety of 3D formats. Manga Studio 5 also includes 3D characters that can be manipulated for the ideal pose.

9. Supports both raster and vector layers, and includes specific vector tools giving you amazing control.

10. Manga Studio's tools are based on real world comic and illustration tools such as inking pens, and rulers. There are many different pen tip types to choose from, unlike Photoshop whose primary design is for painting and digital editing.


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