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Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on May 7, 2013 3:32:09 AM

Mark “Crash” McCreery's Baby Raptor Via:

Do you remember where your first dose of creativity came from? Was it from a song? Was it from a movie or cartoon?

One thing I recall from growing up is that movies were my source of inspiration. It was film that taught me how to draw and tinker with film making.

This dialogue is especially timely since Jurassic Park is back in theaters but this time in 3D (I feel old). Just seconds after the movie started, I got chills from the dark opening score by John Williams and I found myself smirking throughout the rest of the film. Not only did I see Jurassic Park approximately 20 times in the theater as kid in Arizona but I believe my older brother brought me every little piece of Jurassic Park merchandise.

But to this day, I remember one thing and that was Topps' Jurassic Park trading cards. These cards sparked my love for drawing. It was here, my love of not only drawing, story boarding and truly understanding the power of pre-visualization started.

I wanted to learn how to draw like Mark “Crash” McCreery. To this day, I can’t listen to the Jurassic Park soundtrack without being transported back to the simple days of drawing baby Velociraptors as well as everyone’s favorite, the T-Rex. Thanks for the memories, inspiration, and art lessons Mark “Crash” McCreery.

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