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Reality 3 for Poser, a bridge to LuxRender

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Jul 11, 2013 2:06:03 AM

Reality 3 Banner

Paolo Ciccone is the driving force behind Prêt-à-3D, the developer and publisher of the brilliant “Reality 3 for Poser” software product. Reality 3 provides Poser users with a bridge for their scenes into the physically accurate, unbiased LuxRender engine. What this ultimately means to Poser artists? Truly remarkable photo-realism with a user interface that is easy to embrace.

Reality 3 for Poser has accumulated some very lofty praise along the way. My favorite quote from Paolo’s website is one from the Poser artist, Mary Williams (Nightsong): “The crystal clear twinkle of glass under ancient lights, the flash of brightly colored spell effects blazing in a starlit night, the blush of freckles ‘tween lace and auburn curls, and the softness of light filtering through darkness and dust. But, what I love most? Seeing everything from fantasy, to goth, to steampunk, to backyard romance come to life in the renders of Reality, looking just as if they walked from a photograph — or your own back door right onto your screen!”

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here a few render samples to show the final results that Reality 3 can enable for Poser artists using the LuxRender engine.

RDNALondon01 RDNALondon01 by bandred @ RuntimeDNA

R34P_hero by Syyd R34P_hero by Syyd Raven @ RuntimeDNA

Reality 3 for Poser supports the following versions: Poser 9*, Poser 10, Pro 2012* and Pro 2014. To view the documentation click here, to find purchasing information click here.

*Requires Service Release 3 (SR3)

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Post written by: Steve Cooper

Topics: Poser

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