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How Poser helped Nero save Zion: The Matrix

Posted by Steve Cooper on Feb 13, 2014 4:00:03 AM

It's Throwback Thursday and what could be better than a trip back to 1999. "The Matrix" filled the big screen with images of a dark future where a band of human revolutionaries battled the machines to save Zion. Nero, played by Keanu Reeves, is the One. The savior of mankind. Neo_with_figure_overlay

Problem is, before he becomes the super hero Nero, Thomas A. Anderson, meek human dude, needs a few system updates to prepare for the battle ahead. Kung Fu was at the top of the list. Call in Poser 1 to the rescue! Using box stock martial arts poses from Poser, the cinematic sequences for Nero's Kung Fu training were animated and rendered in Poser and then displayed via on-screen programming interface.



Legacy_poses_in_Library_2 Box stock Poser pose files to the rescue! Reverse Punch!

Drunken_boxing_pose_file But wait, there's more! Hiiiiyyyaa!


At the risk of throwing in a spoiler, Poser provided exactly what Nero needed to save the day, and the future of mankind in dark underground tunnels of the future.

Neo_with_Poser_1 Neo with the original Poser

Special thanks to Brian Romero, Poser QA Engineer for this Throwback Thursday! Find out more about the history of Poser.


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