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RWBY Season 2 Production Diary features Poser Pro 2014

Posted by Steve Cooper on May 12, 2014 2:44:31 AM

Our friends at Rooster Teeth are doing a great behind-the-scenes video diary series featuring the production process and showcasing some of their favorite tools used in the creation of their hugely popular RWBY animated series.

From 5:00 of the video they talk about their process for animation and 3D. In this video you can see Poser in play.

They have been using the new Bullet Physics feature, along with importing their own custom BVH motion capture data. Adding in some hand animation, they tailor each character's animation style to the character's persona.

It's great to get a glimpse behind the curtain. And of course, we're very proud of the ways that Poser Pro 2014 helps them deliver this epic animated series.

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