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Be part of the growing 3D industry - $40 billion in five years.

Posted by Steve Cooper on Jun 25, 2014 5:14:03 AM
When we first launched Poser in the mid-90's, the opportunities for 3D were in their infancy. 3D gaming was yet to gain much ground, 3D in films was rudimentary at best, futurists were heralding virtual reality, and multi-media was all about the CD. Fast forward to today and 3D is fully entrenched in verticals as diverse as entertainment, gaming, industrial design, engineering, hardware, and software tools. Once again, virtual reality has been lauded as a future vector.
According to this report from MarketsandMarkets, the 3D industry in total is projected to double from it's current size today of $20+ billion to $40 billion in 2019. We're admittedly a small slice of pie with Poser's artist/users and with Poser's surrounding ecosystem of content and add-ons. Regardless of the size of Poser's footprint on the overall landscape of 3D, it's a very good place to have staked a claim, and it's still a very good time to be learning 3D through Poser.

Poser not only teaches 3D fundamentals and more advanced skills such as 3D animation, but it's fun, provides abundant personal entertainment and opens up professional growth and opportunity. There's a surprising number of 3D professionals in verticals across the board who got their start with Poser. There's a rosey future ahead for 3D, and it's some bright things ahead for Poser too.


yoga_on_screen Poser figure Roxie perfects her yoga poses.

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