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A Holiday Gift List for Every Digital Artist

Posted by Kayla Cytron-Thaler on Dec 9, 2014 3:32:37 AM

Are you tired of your people getting you socks or candles for the holidays because they don't know what else to get you? As a fan of Digital Art there is probably a plethora of things you’d love for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever other holiday you celebrate.

To help your friends and family figure out what you want for the Holidays we've created a list of products that any digital artist would love. If you are that friend or family member shopping for that digital artist, then look no further, because you will find the perfect holiday gift for any Digital Artist, Animator, 3D artist, Game Developer, or Comic Artist.

Artist Bundle


If you are a beginner to digital art this is the perfect bundle for you. The software includes: Poser 10, Anime Studio Debut 10, Clip Studio Paint Pro (also known as Manga Studio 5), Motion Artist, and StuffIt Deluxe Mac 16.

This bundle comes with 5 products for only $99.99, which is over 70% off the regular price. Download your Artist Bundle now and email it to a friend. Expires Dec. 24, 2014


Intuos Manga Pen & Touch Tablet

manga intuos

If you love the colorful world of illustration and animation, Intuos Manga Pen & Touch Tablet is designed to help you bring them to life. Intuos Manga comes with all the tools you need to illustrate and animate. With full downloadable versions of Manga Studio™ Debut 4 and Anime Studio™ Debut 8.


Poser Pro Game Dev

Poser Pro Game Dev delivers powerful 3D character creator and animation tools, plus real-time ready character content to game and interactive content developers.

For a limited time this product is only $350, while it is usually priced at $499.99. Thats 30% off! Buy it at the Unity Store.

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Anime Studio Pro 10

Anime Studio Pro 10 is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation. The intuitive and affordable feature set offers a solution to traditional animation tasks that are not available anywhere else at the same price point.


Software Training Videos

Does that special digital artist need training help for their software?

You can get the Infinite Skills Poser 10 & Poser Pro 2014 Training Videos for only $59.99 (usually priced at $99.99). You can also get the Infinite Skills Anime Studio training packs for only $99.95


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