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Beirne Lowry: Creator of the Colbert Report Eagle

Posted by Kayla Cytron-Thaler on Dec 9, 2014 2:31:08 AM

When I started using Poser in the mid 90's, I was doing a lot of broadcast motion graphics for different events including show opens, sports, and needed a human CG model. For example, I needed a show graphic for NFL football on CBS Sports showing the ideal attributes of a player. Poser allowed me to easily output a model and add a helmet and props, which were then imported into my primary compositing system.

Colbert Eagle was Created with Poser

When I designed and directed the Colbert Report graphics package, overseeing a team of talented artists, I personally took on "the Eagle" element. Creating it in Poser was fun.


Poser Helps with Pre-Visualization for Television Shoots

Poser fits into my workflow many ways. I have used Poser to make pre-visualization shooting boards before a shoot. For example, on The Colbert Report, I worked out the lighting and camera angles by creating a Poser Stephen Colbert complete with glasses and suit and tie. These were rough animations, not for air, but they helped me to establish the correct placement of lighting and camera for the actual studio shoot.

Also, the various clothing props that are included with Poser really help when doing pre-visualization for storyboards. Not everyone uses Poser to make bikini girls or wizards...some of us need business suits, sports gear, and real world stuff!


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