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4 Reasons Why Artist Neo Twenty1 Loves Manga Studio

Posted by Kayla Cytron-Thaler on Feb 23, 2015 1:00:04 AM

Smith Micro has fallen in love with the work that featured artist Neo Twenty1 has done in Manga Studio EX 5 (CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX). We asked Neo Twenty1 to share what features he thought were most valuable to Manga Studio artists.

Hello everyone my name is NEO and I am an anime-style artist/illustrator from Indonesia. I began drawing in 3rd grade and I have drawn digitally since 2012. I found Manga Studio around 2 years ago when my friend recommended the software to me. And you know what? It was love at first site! It has a lot of great features. I'm actually using Manga Studio EX 5 (CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX) right now.

neo 8

The Best Features in Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint

1. Friendly User Interface- It looks modern and soft. It's very helpful because too often, digital artists/illustrators get wrapped up in menus and interfaces. The tools are very organized and have a preview, so you can compare tools with each other.

neo 5

2. Stabilizer- Seriously, this is the most important feature in this software. When I used Photoshop I couldn't even make a straight line, but once I started using Manga Studio, it allowed me to make line art look nice and steady. To draw a clean line all you have to just specify a layer that you want to have your line work on, click on your tool, set the stabilizer level, and begin making nice line art.neo 12

3. Nice Color Blending- This is such a wonderful feature in Manga Studio EX 5. Most artists want their artwork to scream with color and look really nice. Manga Studio has a great blending feature which allows you get a smooth output and nice color gradation.

neo 3

4. Text Tool- If you’re a comic or manga artist, and you want to add text to your comic pages, you don’t need to import them to Photoshop. You can easily do it within Manga Studio. It’s easy to use. Simply choose the font and adjust the position.

neo 9

There is so much more. It has a ton of great features, seriously. I just can’t list all of them here.

Overall, this is a very powerful software for people who draw or paint with manga/anime style and I mean it. It also helps me to improve my digital drawing skills.

I could say that Manga Studio is my best partner right now. :D

neo 17

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