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Featured Artist Spotlight: Lar deSouza

Posted by Kayla Cytron-Thaler on Mar 31, 2015 2:00:28 AM

Lar deSouza is the resident cartoonist at Blind Ferret Entertainment. He draws the comics Least I Could Do (seven days a week) and Looking for Group (Mondays and Thursdays). He is also sometimes Sailor Bacon for charity. Go ahead. Google that. I double dare you.

calgary art book 2015 final small

"Nothing beats natural media and I think every artist needs to train there to really learn how to be messy and make mistakes. Then digital is just another tool in their arsenal of art. I think just like some folks are born to be oil painters or water colourists, digital is for me. I've always thought in layers, organizing my compositions by their depths and overlaps and shapes. Manga Studio is the no contest winner of art programs for me. I do all my work in it. I love the speed and fluidity of it, and the added bonus is that my cats can't leave foot prints through wet paint."

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