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Featured Artist Spotlight: Dave Cockburn

Posted by Kayla Cytron-Thaler on Apr 4, 2015 2:00:59 AM

Smith Micro is launching a series of weekly Featured Artists to promote skilled digital artists who use our software; Anime Studio, Poser, and Manga Studio aka Clip Studio Paint. This week we are featuring a different artist each day. These featured artists are also promoted on our Twitter page & Facebook page. A piece of their work will be shared on both of those platforms on their featured day. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

I'm an animator and illustrator with bits of interactive and web design thrown in to keep things interesting. I work as Squeaky Pictures and am also a partner in the design company Mo Choy Design Ltd.

Aside from some scribbles in sketchbooks or in scratch pads all of my work is done digitally nowadays. It's still a thrill to have an idea for a project and be able to produce storyboards, backgrounds, characters, animation, sound, interaction all from the comfort of my desk. My computer is my art toybox!

pond 1

Advice for other digital artists (Some of which I should really take myself)

Its a fine idea to keep some personal projects going. In my career I have found that my work has developed more through self generated work more than client work.

This tip might seem none obvious, but Stretch! Spending long hours drawing or designing everyday takes it's toll on your body over the years. Myself and most of my artist friends have neck, back and wrist problems. Stretching helps.

Don't be afraid to try new tools and find the ones that feel right for you. I pretty quickly swapped my drawing and Illustration work over to Manga Studio 5 once I tried it. You never know what good things might happen!

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