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The Importance of Brainstorming (Featured Artist Spotlight: Erevia)

Posted by Kayla Cytron-Thaler on Apr 27, 2015 2:00:31 AM

Smith Micro is launching a series of weekly Featured Artists to promote skilled digital artists who use our software; Anime Studio, Poser, and Manga Studio aka Clip Studio Paint. These featured artists are also promoted on our Twitter & Facebook Pages. A piece of their work will be shared on these platforms every day of their featured week. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

Hello everyone,

I'm a 26-year-old artist from Greece. I started using Poser as a hobby five years ago, when I was still studying Sociology, and hopefully I'll continue doing so as it serves me wonderfully up till now.

When creating art, I don't always have a solid plan. Sometimes I open the program and see where it takes me. Other times I try to create my work based on ideas I've already had, and I find writing them down makes things easier. Even more so, since my main themes are fantasy and sci-fi fanart and original characters.


Let's talk about the original characters first, since they demand a little more creativity.

-I usually start by roughly imagining what my character's physical appearance and general style will be and write some of it down.

-I try to determine their abilities and morals beforehand, as they may have a major place in the artwork.

-I tend to save choosing their name for the end. It's usually the last thing about them that I decide, as I feel it must reflect their nature.

-Scenery and posing are very important, and usually go hand-in-hand with the character's appearance and abilities.


On fanart, I like to recreate the characters that impress me the most, even though not many others might feel the same. When I have to choose from various media adaptations, I pick the one I like the most, or I incorporate various elements from each, creating a look of my own for the character. Often, I give them new outfits that I feel suit them.

That's about it, I hope I didn't tire any of you and that you'll enjoy my gallery.

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