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4 things about Charles Taylor (Nerd3D) - New Poser Product manager

Posted by Kayla Cytron-Thaler on May 7, 2015 2:20:47 AM

Smith Micro was as equally excited to welcome Charles Taylor aboard as our new Poser Product manager as he was to join the team. So, we asked him to tell us a bit about himself and what he loves most about Poser.

What I'm excited about as the Poser product manager:

Everything! It’s so awesome to be in a position where I can help drive Poser into the future. I see so many possibilities. It’s hard to keep from just running around with my hand over my head. The feedback from the Poserverse has been so positive I can’t help but to feel very proud.

Favorite Movie:

It’s hard to pick a favorite movie. I’ve always been an animation nut so I guess I have to go with something animated. Princess Mononoke is a real favorite not just for it’s amazing animation but it’s complex characters. From the world of live action I’d have to pick The Year of Living Dangerously. Sorry no CGI block busters.

How Poser has helped me express myself:

I love to create but I'm not really an artist. I've always satisfied my need to be creative by building things. I built my own telescope. When I discovered Poser, I found an outlet for my artistic side, rendering some of the images floating around in my head. I also discovered an outlet for the tinker in me. Once I got into content creation for Poser there was no going back. Now Poser itself is my muse. I start putting together a scene and I'll realize that I need to make a new prop or piece of clothing and the next thing I know I'm making it.

What I see for the future of Poser:

Poser has been my livelihood for over 15 years now. I guess coming on board as Product Manager just makes it official. As I look back at Poser’s history, I never could have Imagined where we are now. The advancements are truly mind boggling. Personally, I’m an animation fan and I want to see Poser reach a wider animation market. Not just on the desktop, but in the studio too.

To learn more about Charles Taylor's Poser creations visit his website.

To learn more about Poser please visit our website.

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