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Top 5 Benefits of Integrating Poser In Your Manga Studio (CLIP STUDIO) Workflow

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jun 18, 2015 4:13:33 AM

There is always a better more efficient way of animating. Here we explain the 5 benefits to using Poser in your Manga Studio (CLIP STUDIO) animation process. Why use one without the other, when they work together so well?!

1. When importing 3D figures get a 360-degree view of imported characters in Manga Studio (Clip Studio)

2. Use Poser characters and objects as reference materials that can be drawn over to achieve the desired look and feel

3. Storyboard comic books by importing Poser characters into specific panels


4. Poser allows easy creation of 3D characters, something that can be tedious and difficult in 3D software applications

5. Save time by using the 5GB of pre-existing Poser characters, scenes and figures that can be exported & used in Manga Studio (CLIP STUDIO)


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