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Squeaky Dave Makes the Switch From Toon Boom to Moho (Anime Studio)

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jul 15, 2015 8:35:14 AM

Smith Micro is welcoming Toon Boom users to the Moho (formerly Anime Studio) family. We interviewed long time Animator and Character Designer, Squeaky Dave who made the switch and is ecstatic about the change!

Squeaky Dave started using Toon Boom early on with hopes that it would live up to his expectations. Over time he found there were some fundamental issues with the way the program worked that ultimately couldn't be solved.

"It was OK but very limited, and to be honest it was just as easy to do most stuff in Flash anyway."

With each upgrade, he expected improvements to its structure, but started to see it was quickly falling behind other animation programs on the market.

"When Toon Boom Animate came out I upgraded. I found it to be bit too much like Flash and there were no bones [Moho's unique character rigging feature]. Also, Toon Boom Animate didn’t come without its fair share of limitations/bugs."

After some time of attempting to work around the program issues, waiting for the bugs to be fixed and improvements to be made, Dave finally saw the light and made the switch to Moho.

"I pretty much lost faith in them especially when some pushy Toon Boom salesman tried to get me to upgrade to Harmony by saying that basically, I couldn't call myself a real animator unless I did."

That was it for Squeaky Dave. He started using Moho and hasn't looked back since.

"I use Moho because it is more flexible, less fuss to use, more innovative and feature rich than Toon Boom Animate. Bonus points - Moho is way cheaper!"

To see some of Squeaky Dave's work visit his website or take a look at his blog!

To learn more about how Moho compares to other animation software .

Happy Creating!

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