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4 New Anime Studio 11 Features You Can’t Live Without

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jul 16, 2015 3:10:10 AM

Smith Micro asked Charles Kenway, the creator of the Anime Studio 11 Content Pack to tell us what new features he’s most excited about in Anime Studio 11 and why he thinks they are game changers.

1. Frame by frame, referencing and the new drawing features all seem to go hand in hand to take Anime Studio Pro a huge leap forward this year. The FBF is so elegant and simple, while the drawing tools, like merged shapes and eraser make the freehand process fast and fluid.

2. The brushes now have a new rendering option which greatly enhances natural media styles, added features and the ability to save settings. Drawing in Anime Studio Pro is now an entirely different affair. Also, keeping styles in the library, means you can create custom look brushes that are easily stored and reusable.

3. Referencing is a blockbuster feature, it is not only great for collaboration and updating rigs, but it’s useful in so many other ways. For example, with Frame by frame, you can create an empty FBF line layer then immediately a reference of it as a fill layer. Then, when you start to draw your line frames, the fills frames are created in sync. So, when you re-time the line animation, the fill layer is automatically re-timed at the same moment-- brilliant. That means, a blue line, a clean-up, fill and masked shadows can be created in a fully synchronized frame by frame work-flow.

4. Of course I can’t forget about shape order and re-parenting. They are invaluable features and would normally sit at the top of any list.

Anime Studio Pro 11 is a game changer, no doubt. You are only limited by your imagination.

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