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The Future of Poser

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jul 28, 2015 1:49:36 AM

It's Poser Add-on week here at Smith Micro and we thought this would be the perfect time to have our Project Manager for Poser, Charles Taylor aka Nerd3D to tell us a bit about some new exciting features and to let you all know that Poser is here to stay!

I want all of our users to know that Poser is still here for the long haul and we have focused our efforts on you: artists, content creators, and animators. No matter how you use poser we realize one thing stands above all else: content is king.

We intend to provide you with what you need to create with Poser. We won't abandon years of established workflow. All improvements are carefully designed to retain as much compatibility as possible. We understand that you have huge collections of content and one of our goals is to keep all of it working as we move forward. Most importantly, we know that without YOU there is no Poser. You are the center of the Poserverse and we will support you.

There's been a lot of interest lately in physically based rendering (PBR) and its ability to produce extremely realistic renders. For years this has been available using plugins such as Reality. Poser 11 will include its own PBR as well, giving you the artist, yet another choice in production rendering. Our new render engine is based on the Cycles engine of Blender fame. Don't worry; the familiar FireFly render engine is still going to be there. We're just giving you another rendering option.

Among other things, Poser's integration of Cycles, (currently code named SuperFly) is going to give you a much-requested feature: rendered caustics. SuperFly will use the same material room you already know from FireFly. You won't need to learn a new material interface.

Another part of the SuperFly implementation is the addition of Area lights. Area lights are just what their name implies an adjustable light source that isn't just a pinpoint. This gives you much more realistic highlights, reflections and soft shadows. You can also make any object become a light simply by increasing its ambient value.

We are here, we hear you and we're making the best version of Poser ever!

Here's a couple of test renders from the new Cycles render engine. Remember this is a Work in Progress.

I just couldn't resist the old checker board and glass trope.
WineGlasses3_50_1k Still messing with glass.
Anastasis Glass Gall 50b

To learn more about Poser please visit our website.

Happy Rendering!

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