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Integrating Anime Studio with Photoshop and Maya - Lesson 2

Posted by Emmy Rey on Aug 4, 2015 9:50:07 AM

Doug Craven, "The Crave" to his students, is the Communication Technology instructor who developed and runs the Animation and New Media Specialist High Skills Major program at Anderson C. V. I. in Ontario, Canada. He uses Anime Studio Pro in his classroom and in his own animations. This blog follows on from his first in this series about using Anime Studio Pro as one of his main tools to teach industry specific skills and to encourage deeper learning.

Here, in Lesson 2 he highlights how ASP can be integrated with other popular creative software programs.

1. Anime Studio Pro is an excellent companion to Autodesk Maya™.

Autodesk Maya™ is still the industry standard for 3D design, and because they know this, students are highly motivated to learn it. Anime Studio Pro is an excellent complement to Maya. Learning about one helps students learn about the other. Take these examples:

  • The “Add Point” tool draws paths like Maya’s “EP Curve” tool.
  • Bone Rigging has a similar workflow and “Bone Strengths” work like Maya’s “Interactive Skin Bind” tool.
  • Creating keyframes is similar, particularly if Maya’s “Auto Key” is enabled. ASP’s “Timeline” is similar to Maya’s “Dopesheet” especially in that keyframes are displayed for objects which are selected.
  • ASP’s particles, physics and bone physics introduce students to Maya’s procedural animation environment

2. Anime Studio Pro connects.

In my program, ASP is part of an animation workflow. Students learn that by using ASP with other programs you can do so much more with it, than if you were to only use it on its own.


  • Artwork can be prepared in Photoshop. The extended support for PS features in ASP 11 makes this even easier.
  • Vector art can be created in the students’ favorite vector application.


  • Layer comps make it easy to send frames to After Effects for open-ended post production, extending the already solid ASP render engine.
  • Exporting FBX allows post production in a 3D package.
  • Rendering as a SWF file allows students to import work into Flash, which in turn allows them to export artwork as AI files. This is a feature that I hope one day will be directly supported by ASP.

Anime Studio is a powerful tool for my students. It engages them and rewards their work, helping them become better artists, storytellers and animators.

To learn more about how to use Anime Studio in the classroom, please contact us.

Happy Creating!


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