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5 Quick & Easy Steps to Making an Animated Music Video

Posted by Emmy Rey on Aug 20, 2015 3:07:10 AM

We asked Jake Zhang, animator, designer, illustrator and creator of the Moho (Anime Studio) Music video “USB,” to tell us how he creates animated music videos. He shares his method with us in 5 quick and easy steps.

I've used Moho, Anime Studio back then, since 2011 when I first made "USB." Moho is my favorite program for making animation. The way I use Moho may be a little different than other users. I always strive to keep the images detailed. I do this by using images more than vectoring as elements for animation. I use Moho as a tool for making traditional cut-out animation, it has the best rigging system I've ever used. With that said, this is how I created the characters for my animated music video:

1) Draw a character sketch on paper

2) With a light box, redraw parts, such as arms, legs, etc. of the character using Pin pen

3) Scan the separated parts of the character

4) Combine and colorize the parts in Photoshop

5) Import PSD to Moho for rigging and animating

Here are a few screen shots of my process:




I hope you have found this process somewhat informative. To view the entire video of "USB" click here.

Jake likes to explore and develop different visual styles to express different emotions and stories. After graduating from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, his main focus has been on researching the relation among graphics, live action and animation; meanwhile, he has worked on several music video projects, including music video for "Telemiscommunications" by Deadmaus and Imogen Heap (Virgin Records). To learn more about Jake and to see more of his animated work visit his website.

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